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we have the tools you need to polish the powerful, handsome, independent and talented man you already are!!
#YesYouCan #YesYouWill

Are you ready to be part of The Gentlemen of Business Club?


We are an active entrepreneurial community so you'll probably make many like-minded connections and find business opportunities to develop your professional skills while growing as an independent man..

The club offers many big and small projects on which you can get involved, from the monthly calendar of events and public activities to private sessions and micro workshops; you'll surely find something to get involved in.

LOB is also a platform.. What is your call? What would you like to do? Submit your ideas, gather your team and develop those projects. If all this excites you, congratulations.. you are a real entrepreneur and the perfect fit for the club!

Current Projects and Activities to join as Club Member

  • Monthly Networking Events. 

  • Entrepreneurial Road Bike Rides.

  • Virtual Interviews and workshops.

  • Charity Committee. 

  • YouTube Channel.

  • Instagram Blog.

  • Birthday Committee.

  • Club Retreats

  • And more to come..

* We are very active, however NO ACTIVITY IS MANDATORY for the Club Members.. the projects are there for you to join freely but we do expect your best professional participation when involved.  

The key to success is in you!!

Plan ahead, set your mind to get involved and start using your entrepreneurial calendar!!

  • You will get preferred invitations to exclusive activities

  • A whole new personal an profesional network 

  • Opportunities to participate in creative collaborations

  • Chances to develop creative projects

  • Personal and professional challenges

  • Personal bio and business profile enhancement

  • Exposure for you and your ongoing projects

  • The opportunity to become a leader of our movement 


Join today..

  1. Fill up your form

  2. Once admitted, you'll receive the membership invoice and voila, you're in!! 

*Memberships are non-refundable





Welcome to The Club!!

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