7 Days Gratitude Challenge

Being grateful of everything that involves not only our life but our very existence is key to keep abundance coming our way.

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life. The busyness that comes with work, personal projects, relationships, and more can create stress that clouds your mind and pulls you out of a state of calm and abundance.

Keeping a gratitude journal is an excellent way to weave gratitude into your daily routine, which is why we invite you to a 7-day challenge to get you started; Take a few minutes per day to write 5 things you are grateful for and see how you feel. Better yet, find a friend or two to join this journey with you and discuss the daily reflection through conversation.

We did this challenge over our whatsapp group and the results were amazing, you can try it with your family members or business associates!!

Saying “thanks” is great, being grateful for everything you have is amazing, but

acknowledging your very own self is powerful!!

Think of gratitude like a muscle. It’s something that needs to be trained and

cultivated to feel more natural, but your efforts will be fully rewarded. It’s not just fluff, either — scientific research backs up the power of gratitude. According to Harvard Health Publishing, feeling gratitude is linked to greater levels of happiness and positive emotions, improved health, better resilience in the face of adversity, and stronger relationships.

Gratitude is much more than just saying thank you, it is the way you look at the world and more importantly, it is the way you acknowledge your very own existence.

Thanks to The Happy R's for this amazing session, to ONE:ONE for hosting the event, and to both The Ladies of Business and The Gentlemen of Business Club for joining the challenge!!


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