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Apricot Lane Boutique. Business Transfer

Hello there entrepreneurs, my name is Jennifer Gonzalez and I am currently selling (transfering) my gorgeous Boutique located at the Fountains at Farrah in El Paso Texas.

So here are the details of the business sale:

  • I am pricing the business at 50k.

  • It is affiliated with a franchise so there would be a 15k transfer fee.

Due to its affiliation with the franchise the franchise would also need to approve of the buyer.

  • The approval process is the buyer completing a financial application that could be sent via docusign and it's very easy to fill out.

  • The Fountains of Farrah is also asking for financial statements of the buyer to be provided for approval. The lease agreement will only be valid for another year.

We had a 36 month lease agreement however if I choose to transfer they are unwilling to re-negotiate any new terms with a new owner.

The buyer would need to work with franchise to relocate and establish a location elsewhere within that next year, however all equipment and inventory would allow the new buyer to stay in full operations for that year and could be transferred over to a new location.

  • All inventory and equipment is standard for all Apricot Lane locations and so they are required by the company to have.

  • All interested buyers would have to complete a non disclosure to have access to any P&L's or financial reports.

  • Once myself and buyers came to an agreement we would complete a purchase agreement that all parties would sign to include franchise.  

Having affiliation with the franchise allows the buyer to have access to marketing material, meetings with headquarters to discuss merchandising, social media, etc. Everything that would assist an owner to operate the business.

  • The initial franchise fee for a new owner is typically 40,000 so anyone interested in purchasing the business would be able to get into the franchise and business at a fraction of the cost to start new.

Since the lease would be over in a year I would ideally like to be able to transfer and sell business as soon as possible as it would be in the best interest of everyone involved. 

The price of the business is based on inventory of the following items:

  • Inventory of clothing and accessories at closing

  • Cash Fund

  • Display fixtures

  • Supplies

  • Computers and software, to include inventory processing system/POS including customer database, credit processing and gift card processing equipment.

  • Security & Camera System & sound system

  • Traffic Counter

  • Telephone numbers

  • Telephone system. 

  • Vendor / Licensee information 

  • Local Marketing programs 

  • Social Media Administration, information and database. 

  • Shopify website

  • Apricot Lane logo Signage both exterior and interior 

INTERESTED? Contact me!

As mentioned earlier. Truly for it to be worthwhile for anyone, the sale of the business would need to happen quickly so they could benefit from the remaining time at the fountains. 

Thank you, Jennifer Gonzalez


"Each Apricot Lane is a boutique that creates a unique adventure and shopping experience that captures the look and vibe of their local area. How? Each boutique is locally owned, and all the styles are hand-picked by the owner. If you have not been inside an Apricot Lane, you’re in for an amazing discovery. You’ll see today’s most sought after styles and must-have pieces. Every item carefully curated with the local fashionista in mind"

-Apricot Lane, The #1 Women's Fashion Franchise


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