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Just in time for the Christmas Season and the rest of 2024..

Attention Vendors and Local Enthusiasts!!

The League of Business is launching the “Lifestyle Directory Website” a virtual directory of vendors where people can connect directly with local brands, products, and services.

STAY TUNED!! this website will be published in October 2023 and will stay for you to use as a trusted source for local findings!!

The Purpose is to facilitate the way customers find local businesses, so the whole project is designed to be user friendly and convenient for both, busy entrepreneurs and busy customers looking for unique local treasures.

What can you expect as a customer? People visiting the “Lifestyle Directory Website” will find a variety of local businesses offering services, products or personalized items. All of them organized in some sort of digital business cards containing a description of the business, picture of the owners, links to the business's social media, online shop or website, plus a link to a Podcast Episode. YES! We want you to really connect with your favorite vendors so we are inviting them to The Real Entrepreneurs Podcast so you can actually hear and learn the story behind their businesses directly from their voice.

Are you a Vendor? Do you have a local Business? This is a great addition to your publicity efforts as it only requires you to send your business info one time while we do the publicity for the rest of the year!!

Included in your annual subscription, you will also receive FREE ACCESS to “Master the Market” a series of classes and topics that will help you improve your brand presence and boost your sales at local markets.

* We won't sell your products through the “Lifestyle Market Website” so you don’t have to worry about inventory, commissions, or any kind of extra fees; it doesn't even matter if you have a storefront or not, you can join this directory if you sell handmade products, professional services, if you want to raise brand awareness or just for more exposure among the local community.



Click Here to see full details and pricing.

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Escucha el Episodio de Podcast acerca del Directorio Virtual en Español.

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