Do you want to be featured in our Podcast?

Get inspired and share with us a little bit of your knowledge, an anecdote, your business tips, or even an opinion on a particular subject.. 

Fee: $25.

You will be featured on 3 episodes and you will have 3 months to send your audios after your 1st publication. Españon o Inlgés. 

Send your first 3 - 6 min. audio to

We will beautify it with a nice tittle, background music, and your information.. after that you will receive an invoice to pay before publishing the 1st episode. 

Keep it positive!!

Quick Tips:

* Use your phone's "Voice Memos"

* Try recording in your closet to reduce echo.

* Practice your voice modulation.

Be Featured on our Podcast


1. Say hi and start directly with your topic..

2. Before finishing make sure you thank the audience for listening to our podcast

3. Introduce yourself.. state your professional position, and say bye!