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"There's only one way to change the world.. leading by example" 

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We welcome active entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial enthusiasts, and future entrepreneurs.

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The League of Business is a bilingual movement founded in 2018 to highlight local entrepreneurship, promote self development, and inspire leadership in our community.


  • The Ladies of Business Club

  • The Gentlemen of Business Club

  • Real Entrepreneurs Magazine & Podcast

  • LOB to BLOG

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We hold monthly activities open to Club Members and general guests; from the monthly meetings every 3rd Thursday of the month where you can learn form different topics while networking, to social events, outdoor activities and international trips.

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👉🏼 Join as Brand Partner if you are looking for business publicity and brand exposure.

👉🏼 Join as Sponsor if you wish to exchange a collaboration.

👉🏼 Join as Club Member if you are looking for a new circle of friends and contacts that are also in the entrepreneurial movement. If you want to participate in the LOB events, projects, podcast and magazine. If you want

to step out of your comfort zones. If you are looking for adventure and inspiration. If you are willing to share your best attitude with others.

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Thanks for subscribing!

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