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But First, Register Your Business!!

So you decided to launch your brand or sell your products right? Now what? How to start, what to do, where to go?...

First of all, congratulations for taking that leap of faith towards your new venture, now let's get you registered and ready to sell your goods!!

1. Get Your Business Name

The very first thing to do is visit El Paso County Clerk at the Enrique Moreno County Courthouse [ 500 E. San Antonio. Suite 105. 915-546-2071 ] to get your Assumed Name Certificate. This is how you register the name of your business and make sure it is not already taken by someone else.

Also, be prepared to know if you will be conducting business as: Sole Proprietorship, Non-Profit Organization, Limited Partnership, Joint Venture, etc.. [ if this is your very own business you might go for Sole Proprietorship, and don't worry you can always change this later.

To get your Assumed Name Certificate you will need an ID and a payment of around $30dlls and after getting this precious piece of paper you can then go to any bank to get your Business Account... Yeah baby let's get ready to make some money!!

2. State Sales and Use Tax?!

So now that you have secured your Business Name, and before you make your first sale, let's get your Tax Number at the Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts [ 401 E. Franklin Ave. Suite 160. 915-533-0506 ] We advice to call as they might be receiving people by appointment!

While in this office make sure you ask all the tax related questions you may have.

Remember, this is where you define if you should charge taxes for your items and the Tax Number they give you is the one you will use to pay back all the taxes you charged during the year, but be aware... Not everything is subject to tax, like food and services, so make sure you ask, ask, ask.. and even call the 1-800-252-5555 if you still have doubts. This step is free!!

3. Permits and Licenses..

Depending on what your business is and what your plans are, you might need a special permit like the food establishment permit or the vendors license to sell at local markets!!

For this, visit the City Development Office [ 811 S. Texas 915-212-0104 ] or call to ask for the specifics of your business needs.

And that's it.. you have done the very first steps to launch your business!!

Make sure you have a good bookkeeping system [ we recommend quickbooks self employed ] or hire an accountant, keep your personal bank account separate from your business account, and check often your business plan.

* Note: Always make sure you look into government webpages when investigating online as there are many third party sites that will charge you for simply giving you information or doing things for you that are free!




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