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Be a Successful Entrepreneur with a Successful Relationship

You need not only a person that loves you and respects you, but you also need someone that truly understands who you are.

First of all let's make it clear that in order to attract the right love energy and select the best candidate for your unconditional love, you must understand who you are and honor it above all.

Yes, when we are in a relationship things change a little bit, we adapt to each other's lifestyle and make room for that person in our life. But under no circumstances allow yourself to fully change who you are and what you love to do in life.

The best relationships are those in which both partners are conscious about who they are and are willing to share their already fulfilled lives with each other.

If you think that you need your "other half" please take a step back and fix that before karma sends you someone in the same vibration. Sorry to kill the romance, but it is for your own good; repeat after me: I AM A COMPLETE PERSON. I AM HAPPY AND FULFILLED. I AM WHO I AM AND THAT IS ALL.

PRO TIP: Once you really know who you are and what your life mission, and even soul purpose is, then you are ready to share yourself with someone in that same level.

Entrepreneurs are all different but we all have some things in common, here a few of them to have in mind:

  • We wonder very often - It is not that we don't pay attention, we are simply into many things and sometimes our mind is somewhere else, and it is ok, because that's part of our precious process and it should be not only acknowledged but respected.

  • We must network for the sake of our business - that includes both men and women so watch out for jealous candidates. Period. Don't stop talking to other people just because you are in a relationship. That is simply not smart.

  • We need support not criticism - This is a very important one. DO NOT give a chance to people who usually tells you what can go wrong with your new ideas. Yes there are many things if not everything that can go wrong, but sometimes all you need to hear is a nice "you can do it my love, I'll help you".. It is not like we want our partners to actually help with every idea we have, but hey, being emotionally there for whatever we need is actually super helpful. The important thing here is that your partner is the one that lifts you up and not the first one to put you down. And sure, we also appreciate a good intervention or cold truth when needed, but it cannot be the regular behavior in a relationship.

  • We get bored easily so variety is a must - We are not saying that it is our partner's responsibility to keep us entertained but we surely need to find the way to keep ourselves busy on different activities. If your potential partner is not that adventurous just make sure you both know the importance of keeping your creativity going and either make an effort to try different things together, or make sure you keep doing things that attract your attention on your own. This is not only healthy for the relationship but very important to you as an entrepreneur.

  • Traveling is also a must - And yes, traveling with our loved one is amazing but admit it, the energy is always different when traveling with friends, family, or kids. Entrepreneurs need a little getaway with other entrepreneurs every now and then to freshen up ideas and perspectives, so keep that in mind and make sure your partner won't interfere with it.

Besides these basic components of your entrepreneurial self, please know that we are talking about a relationship, one that you really want to enjoy and be proud of, so always remember the principle of every leader: You must lead by example!

So become the lover you'd like to find and the conscious person you'd like to attract. Don't be the kind of person that only wants but won't give. It would be nice to maybe meet another entrepreneur and be happily ever after, but chances are you might also fall in love with someone with different needs and ideologies. Make sure you are also capable of understanding who your partner is and what his or her needs are.

In conclusion, my dear entrepreneur, give yourself the value you deserve, respect it, be happy and set your mind to find that special person that will uplift you with his or her whole self.

Also!! It will help you a lot if you understand that relationships are not forever, although we were raised to believe that. So be grateful for whatever time you get to spend with your loved one, make the most of your time together, and overall; always wish them well if you split apart. (there's a good reason for this, let us know if you'd like us to write about it)

We wish you a successful love!!


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