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Mind your Words

Written by SAM.

The words we use when we think, write, or talk are very important, we basically nourish ourselves physically and emotionally with the vibrational energy of those words.

We are what we think!

Have you thought about the power of your words and how they can create your present reality?

All words have energetic resonance that we can immediately feel, for example:

Read the following sentence and evaluate how you feel:

"that meeting was terrible"

Now, read the next one and evaluate again:

“that meeting could have been better in many ways.”

Can you sense a different density of energy?

Both sentences are basically expressing the same, but one has the negative feeling, and the other one even used a positive word.

What you say and what you think puts energy directly into your body and it has an impact that can be reflected in your mood, your self esteem, your health and even in your physical appearance (yes, how we look is directly linked to the energy we hold).

Moreover, don’t forget that whatever you say, think or write is a direct message to the universe. It is like saying "Hey universe, this is what I like, please send more of this to me".. and yes, you will definitely get more of whatever that is.

As entrepreneurs, we must be selective of our words as they are our most used tool not only to communicate with clients but to create the projects we so care for.

Another way to understand it is with the law of attraction, you will always attract people and situations that resonates with your energy frequency, for example: If you usually say "I have such bad luck in business" you may find yourself in many situations that prevent you from moving forward with your projects, or if you usually say "I love what I do" you might find more unexpected ways to keep doing things that you really enjoy..

What do you think so far? What kind of frequency are you in right now?

Analyze the words you used today, the ideas and thoughts you generated; what about your actions?

Here’s a simple way you can use to calibrate the energy of your words and thoughts:

For every negative word or thought you catch catch yourself using, stop and generate 3 positive words or thoughts that can replace what you just said or thought.

For example if I catch myself thinking "I forgot my phone again, gosh I’m so stupid", then I stop (and first of all I'd tell myself that I am not stupid) and think:

1. "I forgot the phone again, I’m so distracted" (neutral thoughts are always better than negative ones)

2. "Good, let’s see how it feels like lol" (this one has a positive word and is silly which makes it even better)

3. "Everything happens for a reason, maybe my highest self knew I needed a day without the phone. Thanks!" (oh, thanking yourself is a powerful source of positive energy)

Remember, the thoughts you think and the words you use impact your life and create your reality because hey carry vibrational frequency.. select your word wisely!

There are many books that can help you better understand this topic, we recommend you "The Energy of Words" and "The Power of Your Words"


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