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The Real Entrepreneurs Magazine is a window to the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle; packed with insightful articles, events, advice, and local profiles, its contents will motivate you to keep up and take your businesses to the next level.


Order your copy today and join the community of successful entrepreneurs!!


From the Editor:

"I admire Entrepreneurs; we are capable of tirelessly attend the demands of our own plans and concentrate on a project for as long as it takes. But without a supportive circle of contacts, being an entrepreneur can become a lonely profession.


This spanglish magazine is dedicated to those who take the risk of investing time and resources in carrying out their own projects, and to those who contemplate the possibility of venturing into the entrepreneurial movement."


You'll enjoy this magazine whether you're just starting out or have been an active entrepreneur for years.

Vol I. The Real Entrepreneurs Magazine

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  • You must know that we take the time to design and curate the content of this Magazine.

    The League of Business has been offering monthly sessions, special events, trips and activities for entrepreneurs for years so we now bring you the best of what we have learned plus updated projects and topics of inteterest for you as an Active Entrepreneur!! 


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