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A Note From Our Founder

It was 2018 when the opportunity to launch LOB came along, and I am proud to say that it has been a wonderful journey.

Not only I have met inspiring people, but I have also realized how everything I’ve done in my life is actually connected with everything I do right now. Every successful project and every single failure I’ve had, the good, the bad.. I now understand the purpose and reason behind of it all.

Because there is only one way to change the world, leading by example.

So The League of Business is a great way to highlight people like you, active entrepreneurs dedicated to polish their business skills while taking care of their personal development as well. LOB to BLOG is one of the may platforms we use to communicate and express ourselves, to share valuable tips, stories, business topics and above all, we use it to inspire and learn from each other.

Orgullosamente TexMex.

What do I do?

My career is of course, a mix of many things I’ve learned and done; designer, brand developer, producer, editor, cultural promoter, creative, diplomat, founder, writer, photographer, stylist..

But above all, I manage to do what I love and work with who I want.

How would I describe myself?

  • Profesh Me: As an entrepreneur with passion for authenticity and action.

  • Highest Self: As a happy person who found the way to co-exist and co-create in alignment with the natural flow of its own essence.

  • Hippie Me: I was born free and rebel, never made it to a "normal personality" and never really cared.

Why do I write?

Because it is more than a win win activity. I get to spend time with myself, I get to put my ideas in order, I practice my spanglish, it is therapeutic my mind kind of meditates, and if i publish it, I can even get to help others in a positive way.


"Creo que estamos hechos de lo que pensamos, lo que decimos y lo que hacemos. Somos una mezcla de todo aquello que nos rodea, y al mismo tiempo somos lo que queremos ser ya que elegimos gran parte de eso que nos rodea"



Join the movement, write a blog, get the chance to be featured in our Real Entrepreneurs Magazine & Podcast, become a Club Member, and most importantly; keep up the great work, follow your intuition and give your very best to every project.


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